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Air Conditioner Installation Service

Heating Repair & Maintenance Service in Frederick, MD

Less sweating and stress levels in hot weather? Yes please!

Air conditioners can be considered ‘King of all appliances’ in U.S homes. Known for drawing heat outside and keeping the inside of your property cool, they’re a must have!

Some types of air conditioner even go the extra mile and add heating advantages in the winter.

If you’re thinking about getting an air conditioner installed in your residential or commercial property, you’re at the right place!

At Frederick Air Conditioning and Heating, we help you install different types and sizes of air conditioners depending on your specific needs.

Just call us, and we’ll be there.

With a team of experts that have over 20 years of hands-on experience, you can be sure you’re getting the very best service. We offer our air conditioner installation services everywhere in Frederick County, Montgomery County, Howard County and Carroll County.

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    Why Should You Install An Air Conditioner?

    • Health Benefits

    Installing an AC could have a positive impact on your health as it helps to regulate the internal temperature of the home. Extreme weathers aren’t favorable and could lead to health issues.

    • Removal of Humidity 

    It helps to reduce humidity in the air. Humidity is caused by warm air, but your air conditioner works to remove that humidity and cool the air.

    • Electronics

    Installing an air conditioner can be quite beneficial to other home appliances as cool air helps to increase their longevity.

    • Produces Heat 

    Depending on the kind of air conditioner you install, it can produce heat when you need it.

    The Hybrid and Geothermal ACs are perfect for this due to their multipurpose features.

    What To Consider Before Installing an Air Conditioner 

    • Size Of Property 

    The size of your home or commercial property should be considered before determining the type of air conditioner to install. You do not want to install a portable unit for a commercial building.

    • Budget

    Your budget is another important factor to consider. You do not want to go beyond your budget so it is best to discuss with a professional to advise on the best option for you.

    • Energy Consumption

    Different air conditioners have different energy consumption rates. The best way to determine this is to contact a professional.

    Types Of Air Conditioners 

    There are six types of air conditioners, each designed for the different purposes they serve.

    • Window Air Conditioner/ Unit 

    This is the perfect type for single rooms. All of its components are packed in a box and then inserted into a hole in the wall or window space.

    • Ductless Unit

    In this type, it does not require ducts to distribute the air. It is perfect for homes without ducts.

    • Portable Air Conditioner 

    This type of air conditioner is independent and can be moved from room to room. Like the window unit, all of its components are enclosed in a box.

    It requires a power outlet and a vent or window to get rid of the wasted air.

    • Hybrid Air Conditioner 

    This is perfect for both warm and cold months as it can produce hot and cool air when it is required to.

    • Central Units

    For this type, ducts are connected to the air conditioner which is then mounted on a roof or near the foundation.The ducts distribute the air round the building.

    • Geothermal Unit

    This is a new unit that works by extracting heat from below the ground and transferring it into your building or apartment.

    It also works as a cooling and heating system.

    Why Should You Hire Us?

    • Expertise and Efficiency

    Our technicians have the right training and expertise to ensure that your Air Conditioning system is installed properly and efficiently without any problems.

    • Safety

    Installing an Air Conditioner may seem easy especially if you’re getting tips off the internet.

    Don’t forget that it is an electrical machine and if not properly installed could be very dangerous. 

    • Cost-Effective

    One of our priorities is to provide cost-effective services that do not pose an inconvenience.

    When you hire us, we ensure that your AC is properly installed, eliminating any problems that could lead to extra costs.

    Your comfort means the world to us!

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