Air Conditioner Repair Services


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Air Conditioner Repair Services

Air Conditioners are one of the most essential appliances you need in your home. Impressive summers can be made bearable with air conditioning. But when the air conditioner develops a fault during a heat wave, it can be a terrible experience.

At Frederick Air Conditioning and Heating, we guarantee that all your air cooling and conditioning problems will be expertly and promptly solved. 

With our well-trained and certified technicians on standy, we offer air conditioner repairs everywhere in Frederick County, Montgomery County, Howard County and Carroll County.

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    Common Air Conditioning Problems

    • Low Refrigerant

    The refrigerant is what your air conditioner uses to remove heat and humidity from the air in your home or offices.

    If there is any leakage somewhere in the refrigerant lines, then you can end up with less refrigerant to cool the air.

    • Fan Problems

    The air conditioner has a fan which blows air out of the outdoor unit condenser to expel the absorbed heat in the building.

    If the fans are not working properly, you end up with poor air flow.

    • Leaking Ducts

    The ducts that run through your walls and ceilings carry the cooled air from the air conditioner throughout your space. However, dents, holes or breaks in the duct cause problems in the circulation.

    • Clogged Drains

    All the moisture that is absorbed by the conditioner is removed from the space through a drain line. When that drain line is clogged, the water can break up and damage your system.

    When To Call Us 

    You don’t know when or if you should contact a technician? Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

     Here are a few signs that show that you require our services.

    • Unusual Noises

    An air conditioner usually makes a hummingbird noise as well as a low-level noise when it’s starting up and shouting down. Loud, sudden and unusual noises are sure signs that there’s a problem.  

    • Water Leaks

    An air conditioner relies on refrigerant to cool your home and this may produce condensation as it operates. When the liquid accumulates and starts to leak into your home, you need a technician asap!

    • Bad Odor 

    If you notice an unpleasant odor from your air conditioner, you need to call a technician before it becomes even worse.

    • Poor Air Flow

    This is a major tell-tale sign that your air conditioner is not working efficiently or that a blockage is preventing the air from moving through the home’s duct system.

    The moment you notice insufficient air flow, you need to contact a technician.

    Why Should You Hire Us?

    • Correct Diagnosis 

    A huge part of air conditioning repairs is finding out exactly what is wrong.

    Our experts are trained to be able to correctly and accurately diagnose what’s wrong regardless of the complexity.

    • Accuracy and Speed

    The main purpose of hiring a technician is to get the job done right and at the shortest possible time. At Frederick Air Conditioning and Heating, we get the job done correctly and promptly.

    Your satisfaction and comfort is our top priority.

    $500 Off on Any New System Installation

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