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Commercial HVAC System Maintenance System

Heating Repair & Maintenance Service in Frederick, MD

Comfort is a priority in the workplace to ensure maximal output and efficiency. One way to guarantee this is through efficient heating, ventilation, and cooling systems.

Commercial HVAC units are good investments anytime and ensuring their optimal efficiency is necessary to achieve a long life span.

Commercial HVAC units require maintenance at least once a year to discover problems and tackle them before they escalate.

At Frederick Air Conditioning and Heating, we provide the best commercial HVAC maintenance service for offices, industries, banks, factories, malls, and other commercial spaces in Maryland.

With a fast, reliable, and cost-efficient 24/7 HVAC maintenance service available at your beck and call, you’re in safe hands.

With over 20 years of hands-on experience, our expert, licensed and certified technicians are the best people to troubleshoot your HVAC systems, find out any hidden issues and fully optimize your system. You can be sure of your system lasting a long time once you’re on our maintenance program.

Don’t wait until your HVAC system crashes. Call Us Now for regular maintenance!

We provide our HVAC services everywhere in and around Frederick County, Montgomery County, Howard County, and Carroll County.

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    Why Should You Opt For Maintenance?

    Frequent maintenance of commercial HVAC systems is essential since you don’t want them stopping on you suddenly and disrupting your workday!

  • Long Life Span and Efficiency
  • Proper and regular maintenance of a commercial HVAC unit in your workplace or other commercial space will ensure it lasts a long time.

    When you adopt a good maintenance routine, your system works very well and is efficient all year round.

  • Cutting Costs
  • Regular maintenance of your HVAC reduces or completely stops unplanned repairs which are usually expensive. It is better to spend little on maintenance than so much more on repairs or complete replacement.

  • Improved Air Quality
  • Proper and regular maintenance of the HVAC system helps to reduce contamination from the system’s air streams and also makes the building’s environment clean.

  • Increase in Energy Efficiency
  • HVAC systems are energy-efficient which is why they are recommended for commercial buildings. With a properly maintained HVAC system, you spend less on electricity bills for heating, cooling, and others.

    What Do We Do For You?

    • HVAC Evaluations

    Our licensed and certified technicians perform accurate evaluations on your office or other commercial space to determine if your unit is operating maximally.

    Some of those important calculations are:

    • Superheat 
    • Air Consistency 
    • Subcooling 
    • Suction temperature
    • Suction pressure 
    • Liquid temperature 
    • Liquid pressure
    • Ambient temperature etc.

    • HVAC Servicing

    We perform regular servicing of your HVAC system to determine any problems or little faults that are yet to escalate. We nip them in the bud before they cause serious problems.

    Some of the things we do while servicing your systems include:

    • Placing filters to help reduce operational stress on the system.
    • Promoting heat transfer by cleaning the evaporator and condenser coils on your system.
    • We attend to any duct leakages and ensure that there is sufficient insulation to promote system efficiency.

      What Items Do We Check?

      Depending on the time of the year, we have a list of things that we inspect, test, or adjust on your HVAC system.

      • Generally, your HVAC systems should be checked by a professional once a year. 
      • Standard Central ACs and Furnaces should be maintained once a year.
      • Heat Pump Systems should be serviced once every 6 months.
      • Water heating systems should also be maintained yearly.

      Why Should You Hire Us? 

      • Safety

      An HVAC system is an electrical unit and it is safer to hire a professional technician for maintenance. An incorrect connection or touching a wrong connection can be hazardous especially in a commercial space.

      At Frederick Air Conditioning and Heating, your safety is our priority.

      Our technicians ensure that there are no open wires or parts that could harm you.

      • Cost-Effective

      You save a lot of money when you hire us to maintain your HVAC unit. 

      We ensure that your HVAC system is thoroughly checked to prevent future breakdowns.

      • Expertise 

      An HVAC system is a complex unit that requires knowledgeable and experienced technicians to ensure the job is well done. We have highly qualified technicians with on-the-field experience.

      • Peace of Mind 

      The peace of mind that comes with a frequently maintained HVAC system is immeasurable. There is no fear of the system breaking down in the middle of a busy day at work.

      • Time-Efficiency 

      We know what to look for and where to look for it. This makes us very fast with maintaining your system and saving your time.

      At Frederick Air Conditioning and Heating, we have helped different businesses experience the bliss of properly maintained and efficient HVAC Systems.

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