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Evaporative Cooler Installation Services

Heating Repair & Maintenance Service in Frederick, MD

Getting back from work to a cool and cosy home can be quite soothing. Cooling your home through evaporative coolers is one way to get the cooling effect while using a low amount of energy. That’s the difference between an evaporative cooler and an air conditioning system.

Here at Frederick Air Conditioning and Heating, we install evaporative coolers that serve our clients and cool their homes efficiently.

Our team of experts have over 20 years of on-the-job experience that ensures that the entire installation process is hassle-free for you. We guarantee that you’re getting the very best service.

We offer our evaporative cooler installation services everywhere in Frederick County, Montgomery County, Howard County and Carroll County.

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    Why Should You Install An Evaporative Cooler?


    • Cost-Effective

    Evaporative coolers are cost effective since it consumes way less energy than other cooling systems. This in turn reduces the electricity bill. 


    • Maintenance 

    The evaporative cooler usually requires very little maintenance.


    • Space 

    There are different types of evaporative coolers. Whether you have a lot of space or very little space, there is an evaporative cooler for you.

    Types Of Evaporative Coolers

    • Indirect Evaporative Coolers

    These are also called ‘Swamp Coolers’ because they add humidity to the air. They are one of the cheapest temperature management solutions since they are less expensive to operate, require less maintenance and are also portable.

    • Direct Evaporative Cooler

    Direct Evaporative Coolers don’t add humidity to the air. They are more expensive than the others and require lots of maintenance. Additionally, they are not easy to carry around. 

    Direct evaporative coolers are mostly suited for industries and commercial buildings as it helps to cool their spaces faster.

    • Mounted Evaporative Coolers

    As the name implies, these coolers are usually mounted on the wall, floor, roof or window sills. It is a combination of the direct and indirect evaporative coolers.

    What To Consider Before Installing An Evaporative Cooler

    • Type
      For every cooling unit you need to consider the type that is best suited for you. If you’re unsure, just contact us and we’ll make recommendations that best suit your situation.
    • Size of Home/ Building
      The type of your building determines the type of cooler to be installed. You do not want to install an indirect evaporative cooler for a commercial building.
    • Maintenance
      Like all machines, the evaporative cooler requires adequate maintenance to ensure its continuous efficiency.
    • Duct System
      Evaporative coolers require larger than normal duct systems. You will need to speak to a professional as regards to the duct system of your home and what suits you best.

    Why Should You Hire Us?

    • Cost-Efficiency

    You could damage the system while trying to install it yourself and that increases expenses. Hiring us eliminates the chances of getting your equipment damaged and incurring extra costs. 

    Our technicians are equipped with the right tools and machines which you will have to purchase before installing if you want to go the DIY route.

    • Expertise 

    Our technicians are licensed, trained and certified to handle HVAC installations including evaporative coolers.

    • Safety

    Your safety and the safety of our technicians matter to us, which is why we strongly advise that you do not install your cooler yourself. 

    Our technicians are provided with the right clothing and training to ensure their safety during installation.

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