As floodwaters recede in Florida and Texas following the Hurricanes, it has left thousands of homes and buildings with extensive damage. Although this hurricane season still isn’t over, be extremely careful when returning to your homes. Those living in coastal areas are more likely to suffer the impact of additional thunderstorms and may have damage that you haven’t yet identified.

After a flood hits, homeowners usually turn their attention to fixing their torn up drywall, dry-cleaning their carpeting and carrying away their furniture. But HVAC system should be on the priority list as Winter is around the corner and you need to make sure it is working perfectly. A good inspection is very much needed at this time.

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If your home has been flooded, you should call your either an electrician, a utility worker or certified emergency responder before re-entering your home to check whether your home is safe to enter or not, because most houses that have been damaged by hurricane poses electrocution risk due to the possible standing water.

The electrician will check whether the water has reached any electrical outlets, wiring or electrical components that he may disconnect from the main electric meter.

Do not start cleaning your home right away, wait for the electrician to disconnect all electrical wiring around your house. If you house has any propane-powered heating equipment, you should alert your local utility service because a damaged propane equipment is extremely dangerous and can only be handled by well-trained professionals.

If you experience flooding in your home in the Frederick County area, Frederick Air Conditioning and Heating can inspect your HVAC System, repair the damage caused and conduct a final tune-up, to make sure it works properly. Try not to do this on your own, because doing improper repairs and installation yourself can lead to even more serious hazards in the future.

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