As a homeowner, you must be concerned about your HVAC system not providing ideal cooling. You might find out that the issue is nothing by filters filled with dirt and only need a thorough clean up to provide you ideal air conditioning. But is your HVAC filter attracting dirt and dust every month? Are you wondering what are the causes that clog up your filters so quickly?

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Here are some of the common causes that often clog your filters.

Pet Hair

If you have pets at home, especially a shedding pet, it is certainly playing its part in clogging up your filter. But you can avoid that from happening by vacuuming your home daily and brushing your pet every week.

You Fan Is Permanently On

The fan of your unit must not be always be turned ”On”. Your thermostat has two fan settings ”auto” and “on”. When you set your fan to “auto”, it will only blow when your HVAC system is either cooling or heating your home. But when it is permanently set to “on”, it will run continuously, leading it to pass air through that filter round the clock. By switching the setting you can get more out of your HVAC filter.

Dusty home

If you keep all the windows in your home open throughout the day, it can accumulate a lot of dust in your home. If you do not not vacuum it up daily, there is a possibility that all that dust will end up clogging your filter.

If you are looking for more assistance or need an expert technician to clean up HVAC filters. If you want to learn more about how to clean your filters or looking for HVAC related assistance reach out to the home comfort experts at Frederick Air Conditioning and Heating Company.

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