We are now entering the dead of summer, and the outdoor temperatures are already climbing into the 90’s. Keeping and managing a cool home is crucial during this time of year, but not everyone has the knowledge or skills to manage their HVAC system. As such, some people may need some idea of what to look for to determine if their hvac is faulty or not before they attempt to repair their HVAC or hire professionals to do it more efficiently. Here are some things to look for when making sure your HVAC, primarily your air conditioning, is ready for the summer.

Check Your Air Filters

Firstly, learn about checking your air filters. Filters are critical components of an HVAC system, preventing the system from being ruined by dust and other airborne pollutants. In order to keep your system functioning, you need to check and replace them when they become too dirty to keep using. Using dirty air filters and decrease the efficiency of your HVAC system or even cause damage you’ll need to pay for to repair. You can either keep track of your filters and replace them yourself or hire professional cleaners to replace on a timetable.

Look At The Condensate Drain

Next, take a look at the condensate drain on your outdoor air conditioning unit. The drain is partially responsible for getting rid of moisture produced by your AC. If the drain doesn’t get cleaned, it could lead to the growth of mold or water damage. It can also lead to increased humidity and, in extreme cases, water backing up or flooding in your home it may even lead to flooding. Making sure the drain gets cleaned during the next time you or your hired help clean and manage your AC is imperative.

Is Your AC Ductwork Clean?

Finally, make sure your AC ductwork is clean. If your ducts are too dirty or have become damaged in some way, it can lead to improper air circulation and mold growth, as well as an inability to properly cool down a home in the hot summer. It can even lead to insects and rodents more easily infesting your home, especially in the summer when they try to escape the heat! Therefore, you should always check your ducts and make sure they get cleaned as well.

These are some starting points for checking if your HVAC is ready for the summer. Cleaning and maintaining your HVAC system isn’t so difficult once you know where to look. Always make sure to check all parts of your cooling and ventilation to make sure it lasts through the hottest days of the year, and hire the right professionals to make sure it is kept up to the highest standard. You and your family will always appreciate having your air conditioning running at peak efficiency!

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