Residential HVAC System Maintenance Service

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Residential HVAC System Maintenance Service

Your main reason for installing a HVAC system at home is comfort.The warmth and cooling they provide make them invaluable.

The only way to keep your HVAC system working efficiently for  a long time is doing proper and regular maintenance.

At Frederick Air Conditioning and Heating, we provide the best residential HVAC services for your homes and apartment buildings everywhere in Maryland.

Our trained, certified and licensed technicians with over 20 years of experience deploy good maintenance practices to ensure optimal operation of your HVAC system all year round.

With fast, reliable and cost-efficient 24/7 residential HVAC maintenance service that you can trust, your systems are with you for the long haul. We are the best people to troubleshoot your HVAC systems, find out any hidden issues and fully optimize your system. 

Don’t wait until your HVAC system crashes..

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    What Are The Benefits Of Regular Residential HVAC System Maintenance? 

    • Helps You Save Money

    Regular maintenance of your residential HVAC system helps you spend less on impromptu repairs.

    • Reduces Your Energy Bills

    Regular HVAC maintenance helps to ensure that your system continues to run at its peak efficiency. This means that you could save up to 30% of your energy bill.

    • Extends Shelf Life

    Complete breakdowns of your HVAC system reduces its shelf life. Regular maintenance helps to keep your HVAC system running for many years.

    • Improves Air Quality

    Sometimes the level of indoor pollutants is significantly higher than outdoor pollutants. Regular maintenance of your HVAC system ensures that the air quality in your home remains top notch.

    • Keeps your Home Safer

    You do not want to meet your home frozen when you get back from a winter holiday which could include destroyed pipes as winter freezes pipes. Regular maintenance of your HVAC system helps to stop impromptu breakdowns even when you aren’t around.

    • Helps The Environment 

    Well maintained HVAC systems help to reduce fuel consumption so if you are one of the people concerned about your green footprints, regular maintenance is the way to go.

      What Do We Do For You?

      • HVAC Evaluations

      Depending on the type of system you own, we determine if your HVAC system is being maximally efficient by performing some evaluations and ensuring they’re accurate.

      Some of these evaluations are:

      • Superheat 
      • Air Consistency 
      • Subcooling 
      • Suction temperature
      • Suction pressure 
      • Liquid temperature 
      • Liquid pressure
      • Ambient temperature etc.
      • HVAC Servicing

      We regularly service the HVAC system in your home to determine any problems and fix them before they escalate. 

      Some of the things we do while servicing your systems include:

      • Visual inspection and changing of filters.
      • Removal of debris and cleaning of the system.
      • Lubrication of moving parts.
      • Repair of damaged vents or ducts to ensure continuous efficiency.
      • Inspection of the exhaust outlets and replacement when needed.

      Maintenance Timeline

      The time of the year determines the list of things that we inspect, test or adjust on your HVAC system.

      • Generally, your HVAC systems should be checked by a professional at least once a year. You can make it twice a year in some cases.

      • Air Conditioners and Furnaces should be maintained once a year.

      • Heat Pump Systems should be serviced once every 6 months.

      • Water Heating Systems should be serviced yearly.

      Get a professional, reliable and safe HVAC maintenance service for your home today!

      $69 Service Call – Save $20

      $50 Off on Any HVAC Repair

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