Tankless Water Heater Installation Service


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Tankless Water Heater Installation Service

If you’re looking for a water heater that is energy efficient, heats up fast and can accommodate all your hot water needs, the tankless water heater is a perfect choice!


Its ability to produce hot water almost immediately after you turn the switch will ensure that you get your well-deserved bath in record time!


Here at Frederick Air Conditioning and Heating, we install tankless water heaters that serve our clients and meet their specific needs.


Our team of experts with over 20 years of on-the-job experience ensure that the entire process from recommendations, choosing to installation is hassle-free for you.

You can be rest assured you’re getting the very best service. 


We offer our tankless water installation services everywhere in Frederick County, Montgomery County, Howard County and Carroll County.

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    Things You Should Know About Tankless Water Heaters

    • The tankless water heater is a type of water heater that comes without a tank. The water is heated up only on demand when you want to make use of it. 

    • It is energy efficient since it only makes use of energy to heat the water when it’s needed. 

    It is very suitable for large families because it takes very little time to heat up water. 

    • Tankless water heaters usually last up to 20years which is higher than the 10-15years of a conventional storage water heater system.

    • The system efficiency should be maintained by flushing at least once a year.

    • Helps you save space since it is installed on the wall.

    Factors To Consider Before The Installation Of Tankless Water Heater Systems

    • Fuel Type

    The type of fuel that would suit you and your needs should be considered.

    • Purpose of Getting the System. 

    A lager tankless water heater would be suitable to carry out multiple tasks efficiently.

    • Climate

    It is important to consider the type of tankless water heater that is suitable for your climate.

    When Should You Call Us?

    There are rigorous procedures involved in the installation that can get confusing if not handled by a professional.

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    Why Should You Hire Us?

    • Professional Services

    Our trained and licensed technicians ensure that your installation is properly done without any mix-ups. 

    • Cost-Effective

    We care about you and our prices are always reasonable. You get the exact value and more for the service you paid for.

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    • Quality Equipment

    We make use of only quality parts and equipment while installing to save you extra repair costs in the future.

    • Excellent Customer Service

    Our Customers are King! We ensure that you don’t feel unheard or misunderstood. All your needs are taken into consideration to provide the very best service. We help you choose the best tankless water heater for you and your family’s needs.

    We’re known for excellent, efficient, and reliable tankless water heater installation services and so much more!

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    $500 Off on Any New System Installation

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