Yes, you can save on up on your energy bills!

This is good news for home owners and property managers. They can save from 5% to 30% on their monthly energy bills if they make much needed upgrades recommended by a home energy audit.

a professional energy audit can help you save a lot of money and makes you an environmentally friendly and eco-conscious Americans who is willing to go green.

Conducting an energy audit will help you find out the source of high energy bills. For example, if your HVAC system is installed poorly, it can increase your energy costs up to 30%. This is what an energy audit can identify and help you eradicate these problems.

How to schedule an energy audit and who to contact?

You can hire a professional energy auditor from an independent company or through your local energy weatherization office that performs energy audits and other related services.

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But before going for an audit, you should make a list of problems that you have been having at your home, such as uneven heating, dampness, drafts, etc. You should have print copies of your previous home energy bills to show to your energy auditor. He will evaluate the features of your home, as well as, it’s age. They will count the number of doors and windows and also note the size of your home as they play an important role in the audit.

An energy auditor look for answers to the following questions during their audit:

What temperature is set on thermostat throughout summer and winter?
How many people live in your house?
How many people are at home during the day?
How many rooms are always in use?
What is the age of your appliances?

Once the audit has been complete, the energy auditor provides you with accurate answers to where most of the home energy is being spent, together with simple and effective solutions to reduce energy wastage.

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